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Repairing through light

Scientifically documented light therapy that strengthens the immune system and makes the cells function optimally.


Well-being through natural light

Effective therapy
Effective therapy
To be treated by red and near infrared light strengthens the immune system and boosts your cells. The treatment provides both rejuvenating effects and helps your body to rehabilitate and recover after training as well as after injuries.
Safe and secure
Safe and secure
Red light therapy (RLT) provides positive effects and energy just as you experience from natural sunlight but without exposing you to dangerous UV rays.
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Skin Rejuvenating
Increased Collagen Production
Counteracts Rosea and Acne

Performance & Focus

Increased Energy
Improved Sleep
Increased Mental Focus


Pain Relief
Accelerates Healing
Alleviates Injuries

What type of red light lamp fits you the best? Fredrik Paulún helps you choose the right one.

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