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Fredrik P
Fredrik Paulún

Business Developer Nutrilight

Fredrik Paulún about RLT

I have dedicated decades to nutritional science, writing about training, and giving general health advice about, for example, stress and sleep. I have written more than 20 books but also read the most significant scientific articles and immersed myself in newly discovered fields like intestinal flora, epigenetics and so forth. By now I felt my knowledge was pretty current in how to best reach well-being and how to stay in good health.

Imagine then the minor chock to discover that parallel with my work there was also intense research going on about different light wavelengths’ effect on health. Perhaps this had totally passed us by in our nutrition-focused health endeavor because, really, this research has one leg over the border into particle physics and one in health. Soon more than 100.000 articles have been published, starting in the 1960s, about Red Light
Therapy (RLT) so when I became aware of this field it was literally like opening the door to a new world. The research has shown that light could have powerful effect on the body and many of the effects was similar to what good nutrition can affect, for example, reducing inflammation, lowering blood sugar, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and increase energy


Suddenly the border between particle physics and nutritional science wasn’t that evident …

Suddenly the border between particle physics and nutritional science wasn’t that evident and that
was also the reason why I accepted to work with product development at Nutrilight (perhaps you
can guess how we arrived at the name?) I want to learn more about RLT and help to spread the
message about this revolutionary method which has the possibility to help so many people. This is also the reason why I decided to write a book about the method. Apart from the already mentioned benefits it seems like RLT might be able to help against autoimmune disease, eczema and other skin problems, alopecia, sleep problems, joint pain and painful conditions in general. Even rejuvenating mechanisms like increase in stem cells, regeneration of nerve cells and increased collagen production against minor wrinkles has also been scientifically observed. We’re still waiting for the scientific paper that shows that RLT use comes with extended
life expectancy. I somehow don’t believe we will have to wait that long …

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