Ljusrevolutionen by Fredrik Paulún

Dive deep into the science behind how you can optimize your health with the help of Light Therapy.

We feel it clearly – how the body is drawn towards the sun’s first rays on a chilly February day. The reason is genetic. Light at the right wavelength is as important for our health as good nutrition and regular exercise. When we provide the body’s need for light we can strengthen the immune system, inhibit inflammation, reduce the risk for autoimmune illnesses, increase muscle
mass, lower hypertension, reduce blood fats, increase collagen production and stimulate stem cell production, and so much more.

Fredrik explains in Ljusrevolutionen the difference between lights, how the skin, muscles and the aging process can be positively affected by ten (10) minutes of Red Light every day and how we can replace the natural sunshine during the darkest months.

‘Lack of sunbathing is the fourth (4 th ) biggest lifestyle risk factor for our health, together with smoking, obesity and sedentary habits.’ Pelle Lindquist, professor and Chief Physician, Women’s Clinic, Södersjukhuset [Sweden]

Fredrik Paulún is one of Sweden’s most successful authors, an entrepreneur and nutrition lecturer. He is a qualified nutritionist and has written approximately twenty (20) books which have sold more than 1.5 million copies, and been translated into several languages. He lectures about training, nutrition and health in the Nordic countries and he also writes regularly for several magazines.

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