The Wolf – Infrared Lamp Medium-sized


The Wolf is an impressive medium-sized tabletop panel that sets a new standard for near-infrared (NIR) light therapy. Optimized to deliver four different wavelengths within the near-infrared spectrum (810nm, 830nm, 850nm, and 940nm), this lamp guarantees a complete and optimal NIR effect for medium-sized body areas.

These wavelengths work together to create a comprehensive and optimal therapeutic experience. Despite near-infrared light being invisible to the naked eye, it is the most penetrating of all light wavelengths and penetrates deep into tissues to provide the necessary benefits for recovery, relaxation, and cell renewal.

With the adjustable stand on the panel, you can customize your light therapy for optimal effect. The panel is perfect for targeting the focus of light towards different medium-sized body areas, enabling a close and precision treatment. Whether it’s the face, stomach, back, legs, or feet, the adjustable design provides flexibility and the ability to direct the light exactly where it is needed most. With this feature, you get a tailored and effective treatment to achieve desired health benefits on specific areas.

Thanks to the near-infrared light not being strongly visible to the eye, it serves as an optimal light source for treatment while performing other tasks. It’s also ideal for winding down before bedtime and improving sleep without the red light being intrusive. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate light therapy into your daily routine without interrupting other activities.

The Wolf is constructed with high-quality components and based on scientifically proven wavelengths to deliver reliable and effective light therapy. Whether it’s supporting muscle rehabilitation, improving blood circulation, or reducing joint pain and inflammation, The Wolf is designed to be a reliable partner in optimizing well-being and health through NIR light therapy.

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